Can Google Ad Exchange help you optimize your mobile app revenue?
Learn more about what Google Ad Exchange can do to help app publishers grow ad revenue

According to statistics from, as of March 2022, worldwide there are 6.648 billion people using smart mobile phones (smartphones) and up to 7.26 billion people are using devices. mobile phones, accounting for 91.54% of the world's population. The above numbers show the tremendous growth of the mobile application industry and that is why today, more and more publishers are turning their attention to the application segment.

After completing application development, the next step that publishers take is to increase revenue from their application. There are many ways to monetize apps such as: paying to be able to download apps, in-app purchases, advertising and more options. With the current application market, because of competition, publishers often aim to develop free applications and choose the method of placing advertising as the main source of income. Publishers often choose one or more ad networks that help connect them with advertisers who want to buy display placements on apps.

Not only bringing profits to publishers, increasing the advertising coverage of brands, but advertising also has a number of other benefits such as:

  • Enhance the user experience by using in-stream ad formats, seamlessly linking articles with relevant content, reducing interruptions and increasing engagement compared to a traditional page without ads. fox.
  • You can track and learn which ad formats are more preferred by users with metrics.
  • Showing ads relevant to your app context increases the user base with targeting.


So what can Google Ad Exchange do to help app publishers maximize ad revenue?

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is an ad exchange network between publishers, advertisers, and agencies that is primarily focused on providing real-time bidding, private auctions, and preferred deals. This increases competition for inventory and helps publishers improve their bottom line. With AdX, placements are used more effectively, from websites, mobile apps, videos to games.

The strengths of Google AdX:

  • Maximize Ad Revenue: Publishers are connected to millions of different advertisers and third parties with real-time demand at Google attribution. With the great competition of the advertising market, resulting in increased revenue per ad unit sold. In addition to auctions, AdX also provides publishers with features such as mediation so that they can work with multiple ad networks at the same time and fallback ads in case the called ad fails to show for various reasons. different. These features also make the publisher's job a lot easier and give them time to invest more in the content on their app.


  • Ad targeting: Known for its granular control over who gets to see ads of or what type of ad format you want to show on your app, AdX helps you with on-demand targeting each publisher's own (customizable in settings). This capability gives you more control over your apps and can track revenue more closely when you see user trends.

  • Detailed real-time reports: Google system will send you detailed real-time notifications about user engagement, user behavior, ad performance, etc. Based on this report , publishers can refine ad formats and placements to scale their ad revenue. Access. In addition, Google also provides a report on the number of ad impressions on the app for you to track if any inventory is wasted or unused.

Becoming a partner of Google not only gives publishers the opportunity to use more quality advertising sources, a variety of ad formats and advertising content, but also has a transparent and clear payment policy. One thing must be recognized is that Google's products are excellent and always hit the minds of users. So why not consider trying to use Google Ad Exchange to build a reputable revenue stream with your app?

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